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Medical Negligence Claims

A medical negligence claim may arise if you have suffered a injury or ongoing pain as a direct result of medical mistreatment or a lack of practicioner care. These types of claims are also sometimes referred to as 'clinical negligence' or a ‘medical accident’.

At Taylor and Buchalter we are very experienced in handling a wide variety of medical case, both large and small.

In common with all personal injury cases, the success of a medical negligence case depends upon establishing fault resulting in injury, loss or damage to a patient, on the part of a hospital, and / or medical staff.  If you believe that you may have suffered from medical negligence you should obtain copies of all of your relevant medical records from the Hospital and/or Doctor. In order to bring a case for medical negligence it is necessary to have a report from a Doctor which states that the medical treatment received did not accord with proper professional standards.

To obtain a report we instruct a Company in the United Kingdom who refer the case to an appropriate member of their panel of medical experts. The U.K. Medical expert will require a copy of your Hospital notes, scans, assessments and results. We will provide him or her with a statement from you and an outline of the issues which arise. The U.K. expert will provide a report as to whether or not the treatment received was in accord with prevailing professional standards.

If you require advice in this area, please call us. We will be happy to provide details of how we may be of assistance to you. Alternatively, you can email our solicitors specialising in the area of medical negligence:

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