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Debt Collection & Enforcement

Taylor & Buchalter can help you restore order to your accounts by taking fast action against defaulting customers. We can operate as an effective extension to the tools that your credit department needs to maximise cash flow.

We begin with a request for payment, polite but firm. Assuming there is no response, proceedings are issued and pursued to judgment and enforcement as necessary. According to the circumstances of the case we can attempt to secure your position by the registration of a judgment / judgment mortgage and we can apply for well charging orders, garnishee orders, orders appointing equitable receivers as well as examination orders and (in suitable cases) assets freezing orders.

We have a Case Management System to help with the production of the necessary legal papers and we keep you advised of progress as each case proceeds.

The first step is in your hands - literally

Just click here to open an email dialogue box. Tell us who you are and we will send you details of our services, with an instructions sheet you can use to give us the details needed to set the recovery effort in motion straightaway.

Our debt collection solicitor specialising in this area is:

Maria O'Mahony -