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The Injuries Board

The Injuries Board assesses the amount of compensation that people should receive who have suffered personal injuries.

The Injuries Board deals with cases where there is no dispute on liability. The Injuries Board relies on the medical reports furnished. The Board deals with motor accident and public and employer liability claims.  It does not deal with medical negligence cases.

  • We gather the information necessary to complete the Injuries Board application.
  • We obtain  the medical reports in respect of all aspects of an injury
  • We obtain from you details of your expenses and loss of earnings
  • We deal with the issue of liability and discuss obtaining preservation orders to ensure that evidence is not destroyed
  • We advise clients about rejecting or accepting an assessment

All personal injury claims (except medical negligence claims) must be lodged with the Board within two years of the accident. We complete and lodge your application with the Board with a medical report and payment of €45. The Injuries Board sends a copy of the application to the respondent and/or its insurance company requesting its consent to the Board making an assessment of damages.

If the Respondent consents to the assessment, the Injuries Board may arrange for you to be examined by one of its doctors.

If the other side doesn’t consent to the Board making an assessment the Board will issue an authorisation which allows you to issue legal proceedings in Court.

The Respondent has 90 days from the issue of the notice to it to tell the Board if it agrees to an assessment being made. If the respondent doesn’t respond it will be deemed to have consented to the assessment.

If the respondent agrees to the assessment the Board will assess the amount of compensation in accordance with the Book of Quantum. The Book contains a guide to injuries and their relevant values. The Board must make an assessment within 9 months which can be extended to 15 months. The claimant has 28 days to accept or reject an award.

If either the claimant or respondent reject the assessment the Board will issue an authorisation to allow the claimant to issue legal proceedings in Court.

The Injuries Board makes awards based on medical reports. It is important that comprehensive reports are obtained which deal with all aspects of the claimant’s injuries.

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*In contentious Business a Solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.*