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House and Apartment Purchases

Taylor & Buchalter can assist you with all the legal formalities associated with buying your new property. It is preferable that you seek our advice before placing a booking deposit and entering into legal arrangements. We will advise you on the formalities, the legal costs, stamp duty and registration fees.

Preliminary check list for prospective purchasers:

  • Make sure you have budgeted for legal costs, registration fees, searches, stamp duty plus the cost of moving and in the case of apartments, the annual service charge.
  • Have you had the property professionally surveyed?
  • Have you considered taking out life and health insurance cover in the event of your losing your job, suffering some permanent health damage, or dying during the term of the mortgage?
  • If you are obtaining a Mortgage, have you dealt with any conditions precedent in a timely fashion, to avoid any delay in the drawdown of funds?

Our Solicitors specialising in this area are:

Niall Courtenay -

Maria O'Mahony -